Who We Are

Business Founders,  Aspiring Young Entrepreneurs, Educators, Researchers, Designers, and Developers.

When the future arrives, we will want to know we contributed to it somehow.

Out Of Blocks’ technology empowers the younger generation to be innovators and creators, so they can be resilient and adaptable

to an ever-changing economic environment.


Is it possible for kids to be business-founders in their youth? Is it possible to teach kids the skills they need to create companies and elevate the future? Studies have shown that developing creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship should start in the early stages of childhood – thereby increasing young students’ level of knowledge in, and awareness of entrepreneurship, a realistic and rewarding career option.

Being an entrepreneur is hard, being a young entrepreneur is even harder! 

Our education techonlogy provides youth with the knowledge on how to navigate this journey, developing their entrepreneurial mindset and 21st Century skills. 


Out Of Blocks’ technology will transform the way Entrepreneurs engage and collaborate with each other and their community. Engagement leads to collaboration and collaboration leads to engagement, sparking innovation – and this is typically the pivotal point to most successful businesses.

Partner with Out Of Blocks LLC

Together we can foster the next generations of entrepreneurs.