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Learn How Youth Programs are Transforming Kids Into Entrepreneurs

OutOfBlocks.com has discovered that in the last few decades, the interest in providing entrepreneurship education has been on the rise. Studies have shown that children who participate in Entrepreneurship Educational youth programs and/ or STEM youth programs have seen great benefits. However, not all schools incorporate entrepreneurship education in their curriculum, so it is important to research what options your child has regarding entrepreneurship education.

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Tips for Parents: How to Help Your Gifted Child Succeed

Whether your child is an amazing violinist or on their way to becoming a young entrepreneur, it is important to learn how to recognize a gifted child. Being able to spot the characteristics of a gifted child will allow you to foster their gifts. Additionally, whether your child is considered gifted or not, fostering and developing your child with an education beyond the classroom is always a recipe for a successful future.

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3 Ways to Encourage Kids to Become Young Entrepreneurs

Encouraging children to think like an entrepreneur as early as age 5 has many benefits, from performing better at school to learning skills for the modern workforce. An entrepreneurial mindset is a knowledge that will last a lifetime and has value in our everyday living. Entrepreneurs are critical thinkers, problem-solvers, effective communicator, and collaborators, addressing 21st Century Learning Goals schools are adopting. Entrepreneurs have a passion for, creativity, innovation, and a disciplined work ethic – all skills that any parent would be proud to teach their child.

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